Dear Artist,

in this catergory I want to show you how you can draw portraits, step by step. I will upload different parts of portraits that I am drawing at the moment, to give you special tips and insights in what I am doing.

How to draw eyes step by step

Drawing the eyes is one of the hardest steps of a drawing. There are so many details and different tones that it can be hard to not lose the focus. For a lot of beginners it is very hard to draw lashes, pupils, eyebrows and of course the eyeballs. I will give you a lot of little tricks that you can use to improve your eye drawing skills. At the moment I produce also a lot of videos that will help you to see the process step by step. So I hope you stay tuned for the first episode of “How to draw eyes step by step”. In the picture you can see a screenshot of the video that I am creating right now. 🙂

Eye Drawing

How to draw a mouth – Realistic lips

Another very hard part of the face is the mouth. A lot of people don’t know how to draw realistic lips because they have struggle in building the 3D effect, that shows the realistic form of the lip. In different articles I will explain where most people have problems, and how you can fix them in your own drawings with just a bit more knowledge about the drawing process. Beginners drawings and especially the lips often look very flat and don’t have volume. Other problems can be the tone of the lip and the difference between the lip tone and the skin tone around the lip. We can solve all these problems together in the coming “How to draw a mouth” episodes. I want to give you a little outlook on what goal you could achieve. Of course you can always ask questions and I will be happy to help you 🙂

How to draw lips

How to draw hair

When it comes to hair, almost al artists get scared. I can understand that very good, because normally you do the hair at the end of the drawing, and at the same time it is one of the hardest parts. That means, you could destroy hours of work by drawing the hair bad. To protect you from destroying your portrait and maybe all of your furniture in a rage, I will show you different techniques that will show you how you can draw hair with different tools. The following drawing I did last summer sitting on my terrace.

How to draw hair

How to draw a nose

The last part of the drawing is the nose. The nose is very different to the other body parts. Often it is very hard to see where the nose starts and where it ends, because there are almost no lines on the nose. That means, you have to build the form of the nose by drawing shadows. I know that can be very difficult for beginners and I want to show you how you can build the nose step by step with different drawing techniques.

How to draw realistic skin

The skin covers almost all parts of the face, it has so many details and can be very difficult to draw. But I am sure you can do it with the right hatching techniques. To create realistic looking skin you have to built it by drawing different layers. You should start with hatching and go on with the details after the first fine layers. What makes it even harder, is that skin is not only texture, it also has shadows on it, which build the form of the head. That means, you can only create realistic looking skin if you consider both (texture and form) in your portrait.

How to draw skin


Putting it all together

Additionally to the drawing tutorials of the different face parts, I will show you everything that belongs to the process of creating a drawing of a person. I hope you are ready for your drawing journey! Switch on the lights, sharpen your pencils, put some music on and start drawing!

If you have any ideas on topics that would be interesting for your or any other questions. Please leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.


All the Best



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